Hey Boss,

I haven't blogged in a while and if you've been following all the GREAT news out of Team Bossy, you'll know why!

But I did want to share with you that I spent last night in deep thought about what it means for me to feel successful as a business leader. I had a dear friend spend last weekend with us from London and we got to talking about our BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and when I told her mine, she said I wasn't thinking big enough! In fact her exact words were:

"Nah, that's too small. You need to be thinking about how to impact at least 1 billion people."


At first when she said that, I felt down because I wasn't living up to my potential to have impact on as many women as possible while I also thought she was being a tad extravagant given she'd just gotten off a course at the famous Singularity University but her response to my BHAG has been niggling my brain every day since our conversation last week.

Then I got to thinking about our recent launch of the "Cindy Gallop is Unstoppable" red lipstick and I began to think very differently about success and impact as a business leader. Our mission statement is empowering women to look, feel, and do good and we do that through our vision of igniting confidence in ambitious women through cosmetics, topical content, and essential services.  I know.  The whole thing is a mouthful but WORDS MATTER over here at Bossy Cosmetics, Boss.


If you missed the announcement of our Cindy Gallop collaboration, I will suggest that you quickly get on top of things by reading my blogpost or her blogpost about how it came to be.  Suffice to say that I am immensely proud of this collaboration and it has reaffirmed for me the raison d'etre of Bossy Cosmetics! I often say that we are a mission-driven women's empowerment business that masquerades as a beauty company (I know, another mouthful), but it's true.  Our goal is ALWAYS to see women shine, succeed, get paid, come together, form community, elevate one another, surpass their goals, get promoted, get on boards, get funded and and and and. You catch my drift?

It's not easy being an ambitious woman in today's environment.  I won't waste your time going over every single force that we face as business leaders, mothers, caretakers, friends, and humans!  It sometimes feels insurmountable but what I learned from this Cindy Gallop x Bossy Cosmetics launch is that women will come together and be energized around the notion that WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE.  It doesn't mean that life is easy but we are undeterred in the face of difficulty. 

For this reminder from the commercial success of the launch of a fantastic (I am biased but the several 5 star reviews back me up!) red lipstick, I say thank you to Cindy Gallop and every single woman and man that purchased this lipstick and shared about their experience on social media.  You not only supported our tiny little brand and Cindy Gallop herself but you restored for me the reason why I am building this company and the type of impact that I hope to share with 1 billion women over time.  Check out some cool screenshots from our growing community.

Love you,






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