Collection: Extremely Bossy By Nature Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

Our Extremely Bossy By Nature Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara is a truly special product. This clean up-cycling mascara is amazing and will provide the perfect fanned-out look in an environment-friendly way! This minimal ingredient texture is formulated using water derived from a lemon by-product and natural derived raw materials. In addition, it contains a special micro algae tested to improve lash length over time.

What’s more to say?

Minimal ingredient list, great performance!

Over 95% of the raw materials used to formulate this product are of natural origin!


  • Presence of Citrus limon extract -> up-cycling lemon water
  • Presence of a preservative that is obtained from the lemongrass leaves
  • Presence of NATURAL FILM-FORMER - 100% plant based origin, deriving from Pea Starch
  • Presence of SHEA BUTTER 3% - Emollient properties
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Ophthalmologically tested


  • PLANKTON EXTRACT (functional)
    Active ingredients which derives from a particular micro algae, well-known for its benefits in stimulating the hair follicles, and increasing hair density and length. After 42 days of use, the test determined a +5.7% mean increase of eyelash length. It provides a clinically-proven boosting effect on the hair and lashes, as well as improving their overall appearance.


This brush has a twisted shape which is thinner at the base and wider at its top.  The disposition of the bristles create 6 spaces all along the brush that act as the reservoirs for the formula allowing for perfectly coated lashes. 

All that means extreme performance together with uniformity in distributing the product, regular and accurate separation of the lashes and total control of the make-up effect.

  • The shorter bristles at the base are ideal to coat even the thinnest of lashes
  • The longer bristles toward the top help lengthen and separate the lashes.
  • The conical bristles help engage the lashes and while rotating the brush it will create a build up of product on the lashes creating a high-volume effect

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