Style, Meet Substance

We called our first of many eye shadow palettes "Style, Meet Substance" because we believe it's possible and necessary for women to exude BOTH at the same time.  You can be a woman of substance and still find delight in cosmetics, style, and beauty.  Your ambitious pursuits do not subtract from your inner desire to look, feel, and do GOOD in the world!  

We hope you LOVE the stunning colors, textures, and packaging!
  • Nine colors and textures including matte, pearly, glitter, and creamy named after amazing cities around the world filled with ambitious women - PARIS, ISTANBUL, CAPRI, DAKAR, BIDA, FEZ, SÃO PAULO, MUMBAI, and CABO SAN LUCAS
  • Blendable, highly-pigmented, and long-lasting colors
  • Vegan and Free of Parabens, Mineral oil, and Silicones