How to Nail the Zoom Mullet Without Investing in a Full-Fledged Makeover

How to Nail the Zoom Mullet Without Investing in a Full-Fledged Makeover


This is a Guest Blogpost by Courtney Rosenfeld of Gig Spark.

As attending Zoom meetings becomes the new normal, so does not caring about what you’re wearing on your bottom half. But as the “Zoom mullet” becomes more popular, there’s more to think about than the angle of your video conferencing camera. Bossy Cosmetics offers some ideas on how to perfect the Zoom mullet—without going broke.

The Top Half Needs to Be on Point

While your telecommuting coworkers can’t necessarily see your casual Friday look out of the camera’s eye, they can still see the rest of you. Appearances still matter, especially when you’ll eventually have to face a live office of coworkers again.

Fortunately, you have just half the work to do since your camera cuts off at waist-level. That means a fresh makeup look can go a long way—and it doesn’t have to bust your budget, either. Think about picking up a few new makeup items through sites like Bossy Cosmetics, which offers cruelty-free beauty products at affordable prices.

When it comes to your hair, skipping salon days can start to take a toll. Not everyone wants to DIY their dye job, but it is a possibility. Plus, your go-to stylist might have some at-home advice to offer. You can also use a creative hairstyle to hide grown-out roots and gray hairs, such as using root spray or creating a side part.

Choose Your Wardrobe Carefully

While sweatpants might be a work-at-home staple, getting creative with your outfit can pay off. Instead of blending into the background—or drawing attention in a bad way—think about balancing your look.

For example, PC World says to skip clothing with stripes or checks on your top to go easy on your coworkers’ eyes. Strapless tops are also a no-no, as they can suggest that you’re completely unclothed rather than going the casual route. Keep jewelry minimal, if you wear any at all—the glinting can be distracting on camera.

As for your top, a button-down shirt or turtleneck can offer professional vibes without requiring ironing or expensive dry-cleaning. Experts recommend colors like dark blue for video calls—opting out of brighter reds and purples—but that advice still leaves tons of outfit options for your next Zoom meeting. If you need to supplement your wardrobe right now, H&M discounts or Macy’s coupons can go a long way in expanding your outfits without draining your wallet.

Your Environment Can Help Make an Impact

Keeping your office (or another work area) clear of clutter helps to ensure a professional image. Removing personal items from your backdrop is also smart, and Forbes suggests chatting in a carpeted room to avoid uncomfortable echoes. Setting up in front of a neutral background can also help ease visual strain for your fellow meeting-goers.

Use Tricks to Keep Up Appearances

Of course, there are also times when you simply can’t have a video conference in a pristine office space. In that case, a few hacks are in order.

Teleconferencing experts at The Verge recommend keeping your light source largely behind you. Natural light is ideal, but you should skip sitting right in front of a window. This way, you’ll look fresh and vibrant—not shadowy and scary.

Another handy tip is boosting your camera via whatever means possible for a more flattering perspective. After all, you don’t want coworkers looking up at an awkward angle. Raising your computer to eye level can also help keep your less-than-professional trousers out of view.

Ideally, you should have a clean, open space to hold your online meetings in. But if you can’t escape a messy room or cluttered backdrop, think about using Zoom backgrounds to keep distractions at bay. Know your audience with this trick, though—keeping things professional is a must, especially when virtually chatting with the CEO.

Joining Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting can start to feel like a separate career. But by streamlining your look—even if you’re skipping pants—you can make the preparation process a bit simpler, and you don’t need to spend a lot to do it. Then, all that’s left is to look good on camera and rock your online meeting.


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