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When the zoom video must be ON

Hey Boss,

Most days, I don't look like this photograph.   

In fact, most mornings I roll out of bed and ensure my three boys get themselves ready and I either take them to school (if it's an in-school day) or ensure they are ready to sit for their lessons downstairs.  

I then get myself marginally prepared for the day and that generally looks like me brushing my teeth, changing my top from my PJs but leaving the bottoms as they are and heading next door to my home office.  It's generally not the look that you'd ascribe to a beauty CEO but here we are in the COVID #WFH era!

However, yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me and I not only needed to have my zoom video ON but I need to look the part.  You know what I mean?  Getting dressed up with a powerful makeup look, some pearls (my go-to jewelry), a power dress, and a french-styled turban gets me looking, feeling, and doing great.

I had 5 back-to-back meetings and I am happy to share that I not only looked the part but I certainly lived it too!

Enjoy the rest of the week, boss!

Aisha xx 





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