**Bossy Gloss - Launching July 12**

Bossy Cosmetics Power Woman Essentials Bossy Gloss

Our Bossy Gloss is a plumping lip care product for absolute lip comfort, shine, and maximum volume!

The formula is enriched with Maxi Lip™,  compound known for its volumizing and moisturizing effect and thanks to MagNut sense oil and Vitamin E the lips are soft and smooth.


Our Bossy Gloss has a sheer, lightweight, non-sticky, creamy texture.  This 3D formula delivers the perfect amount of color and shine while leaving lips looking and feeling naturally enhanced.

Lips look fuller and sensual after applying this high-shine, vibrant lip gloss, available in five colors with a pure, shimmering and golden shine!

Our Bossy Gloss is a "must have" in your daily makeup bag as you can wear it on its own or over any of our matte lipsticks for an even more powerful multi-dimensional lip effect! 



Bossy Cosmetics Power Woman Essentials Bossy Gloss


Bossy Cosmetics Power Woman Essentials Bossy Gloss


Bossy Cosmetics Power Woman Essentials Bossy Gloss




Bossy Cosmetics Power Woman Essentials Bossy Gloss




Bossy Cosmetics Power Woman Essentials Bossy Gloss


Key Characteristics:

1.    Vegan

2.    Cruelty-free

3.    No fragrance

4.    Extraordinary brilliance

5.    Intense color pay-off

6.    Volumizing

7.     0% Parabens, nano materials, microplastics, BHT, and BHA

Active Ingredients:

1. Maxi-Lip(TM) at 1%:  Developed from a natural tripeptide, it stimulates collagen.  It improves moisturization, restoring the density of the dermis and enhancing the volume of the lips.  The volume increases and the outline of the lips is clearer.  MAXI-LIP (TM) is a corrective and restructuring care for the lips and acts by re-densifying the connective tissue.

2. MagNut sense oil contained at 1%:  Powerful antioxidant with anti-age, firmness, elasticity, protection from skin damage properties.  The seed oil, with its high content of arginine, is rich of emollients that adds smoothness and softness to the skin and it prevents cell damage cased by free radicals.  It is also a natural facial moisturizer and skin treatment.

3. Vitamin E Acetate at 1%:  An essential nutrient ingredient with antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing properties on the skin.  Used as a rejuvenating and regenerating agent.

4. Nicomehyl20 (Menthyl Nicotinate) - Menthol 50% Cyclosystem Complex at 0.5%:  This ingredient is a unique multi-functional sensorial active one resulting from the chemical reaction between natural menthol and niacin (Vitamin B3) leaving your lips feeling cool in the hot summer months!