Zoom-worthy looks!

Zoom-worthy looks!

As we get into month 7, week 30 or so, and what feels like day 1,234,5678, we are all settling into a world where working from/at home and living at work are the new normal. 
What women are also learning is how to create stunning looks with minimal effort for those zoom calls that require "video on" but only from the waist up!


We are particularly in love with Shibani Joshi, a business and tech journalist, formerly of Fox Business News and ABC news, who shared some photos with us of some of her recent meetings in our delectable QUEEN velvet lip liner, which she's chosen to wear as a lip color!




I'm loving how simple yet elegant these looks are.  Her hair is perfectly coifed, eye brows are looking perfect too, and then her lips are delicately enhanced with QUEEN.  Wearing a beautiful blouse in both instances is what completes this "ready" look for a zoom audience to know you mean business!




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