Yes, we can. Yes, we will. Yes, YOU will!!

November 07, 2020

Yes, we can.  Yes, we will.  Yes, YOU will!!

Hey Boss,

I can't lie, I am beyond excitedthrilled, and overjoyed.  I have been clear in saying that Bossy Cosmetics is NOT a politically-leaning organization but I AM.  I am a Black woman that was raised by an immigrant single mother who is married with 3 children. I am passionate about many things and cannot separate those from what makes me the woman that leads the Bossy team.  There is a reason that I started a business that serves to ignite confidence in self-identifying ambitious women.  I voted for the Biden-Harris ticket and I am overwhelmed with joy that they won!!  

I am happy that Americans turned out in unprecedented numbers to vote for both sides of the aisle.  I am happy that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be at the reins at this very crucial time in our nation.  We are divided, fractured, and bloodied.  We need to be unified as a people and fight for our economy, equality, and progress for ALL.  

I am even more excited to see an AMBITIOUS woman who is the FIRST woman Vice President-elect EVER in this country; the FIRST person of color Vice President-elect EVER in this country, and the FIRST Black and Indian person to hold this position.  Biden has now been on two ground-breaking tickets and that is really something.  America is ready for widespread diversity across levels of society and I am in awe of US as a people.  We, the people, who made this change happen.

And I am also celebrating Dr. Jill Biden who is the FIRST professor first lady of the United States!!  What a BOSS!

I hope this win shows that anything you dream of can be yours!!  I am so filled with hope right now.

We are in a battle for the soul of the nation and I am ready to do my share to unite us and take us forward.  Let's do this together.

For now, we celebrate!!!


Aisha xx


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