#whatbossessay: Violet Kanian of Beauty Inside US says it all

#whatbossessay: Violet Kanian of Beauty Inside US says it all

Violet Kanian is the lifestyle blogger behind Beauty Inside Us; A blog that shares stories about brands who give back and take a stand for a greater purpose. In this post she talks about Bossy Cosmetics as a brand, and everything she has observed about us. Here's what she had to say;

When I find a makeup brand I love, I tend to stay pretty loyal to it.  Why fix something if it isn’t broken, right? My current favorite lippies are from Bossy Beauty.  The name had me instantly sold.  There is nothing I love more than boss babes making their mark in this world. 

“Bossy” usually comes with a negative connotation.  But why?  Why can men be bossy and be considered leaders, but when a woman is bossy, they’re looked at negatively.  Bossy Beauty is changing this narrative by looking at the positive of being bossy:  having an opinion, owning our voice, and getting a seat at the table.  Call me “bossy” and I’ll respond with, “thank you”. 

I’m definitely a “mauve” girl when it comes to lippies, so I tried the Creme Liquid Matte Genius Lipstick and instantly loved how it felt while applying.  It goes on so smooth and creamy and as it is drying, it doesn’t crack or make my lips feel dry.  I also really appreciate the size of the lipstick.  It isn’t too small where I will be needing to purchase one every few weeks, and it’s not too large where it won’t fit into my favorite clutch.  Also, it doesn’t transfer easily which is fantastic for a night out, but it comes off super quick with a couple swipes from a makeup remover wipe. 

Ladies… lip liner is your friend!  I was never big on applying liner before a matte lipstick, but what a game changer!  The Brulee Velvet Lip Liner went on perfectly in less than 3 seconds and I’m definitely not a pro at this.  Liner also makes my lips look nice and plump, so this is a definite keeper.  The Brulee color goes perfectly with the Creme Matte Lipstick.  I went over the liner with the lipstick, and everything blended perfectly.  I love how it feels on my lips. 

I also tried out the Hydra Gloss in Afterglow.  Are you kidding me with this sparkle?!  If you know me, you know I love to sparkle every chance I get.  This gloss has a gorgeous sparkle that doesn’t make me seem crazy.  I mean, we can put rhinestones on our lips, but that’s not an everyday look.  The gloss had the right amount of sparkle mixed with shine.  I actually ended up putting it on top of the Creme Lipstick for a quick look change.  It went on so smoothly, even after the lipstick had become matte. I can also wear this gloss by itself.  It has a gorgeous hue and I just can’t get over that sparkle or how hydrated my lips feel while it’s on.  Did I mention the packaging has “You Are Beautiful” in bold letters?  YES!

Sometimes it’s so hard to choose lipstick colors that will best compliment your features.  Bossy Beauty has already thought about that and created a solution.  Their site has a Bossy Beauty DNA page where you can either go live with your webcam and try on all their different shades, upload a photo and try the lippies, or choose a model that best resembles your skin tone and features.  I had the best time trying on every shade.  Let’s just say, some colors were not meant for me and I need to get some new colors, too. I can do this for hours! 

The brand is all about empowering and uplifting women.  Sign. Me. Up.  Aisha created Bossy Beauty with a mission to empower women to look, feel, and do good.  Her brand is completely cruelty-free and started with the mindset of paying-it-forward by donating to charities that support women and girls. 

I have to take a moment to bow down to this queen.  Not only are the products ethically-made, but she made it a statement to create color cosmetics for people of all hues and genders.  Bossy Beauty has also partnered with non-profit organizations that actively promote social change, advancing the human rights of women and girls around the world. 

Some of the non-profits the brand works with include Girls Inc. of St. Louis, mentoring, supporting, and guiding girls ages 6-19; Women at Risk International Foundation, raising awareness of sexual assault, rape, and human trafficking; Women’s Link Worldwide, a non-profit using the power of law to promote social change to advance the human rights of women and girls; and Female Founder Collective, a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. 

Aisha and Bossy Beauty are changing the game in not only the makeup world, but by empowering women across the world."

“She's always believed that women could and should be striving for career heights on their own terms and wearing beautiful lipsticks was one of her signature ways of showing up when she got her seat at the table.”

 Thank you Violet for this heartfelt and sincere piece, check out her blog here.  She explores brands, people, and communities doing incredible things for incredible causes.

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