The mascara hack you did not know you needed brought to you by Bossy Cosmetics!

The mascara hack you did not know you needed brought to you by Bossy Cosmetics!

Are you looking for the BEST way to rock your mascara? 

I think we might have stumbled upon it! We found this really cool review of our *award-winning* mascara pop up on TikTok and we just knew we needed to share it with you.  All you need is our mascara and a blow drier!  

The mascara itself is truly deserving of an award and we aren't surprised that the editors and reviewers at SELF Magazine agree with us!

Our Extremely Bossy By Nature Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara is a truly special product. This clean up-cycling mascara is amazing and will provide the perfect fanned-out look in an environment-friendly way! This minimal ingredient texture is formulated using water derived from a lemon by-product and natural derived raw materials. In addition, it contains a special micro algae tested to improve lash length over time.

What’s more to say?

Minimal ingredient list, great performance!

Please see below to see what they had to say about our EXTREMELY BOSSY BY NATURE LENGTHENING AND VOLUMIZING MASCARA!

Bossy Cosmetics Extremely Bossy By Nature Mascara Award Winning Self Magazine Best Mascara Volumizing 2023

Watch this Tik Tok and tell us how it goes for you!

@bossybeautyinc You learn something new every day and today it was using a blown drier (on cool air) with your mascara! Did you already know this?⁠ ⁠ You're welcome!⁠ ⁠ Thank you @kmwestervelt for this beauty hack!⁠ ⁠ #mascara #lashes #cleanmascara #volumizingmascara #bossycosmetics ♬ original sound - Bossy Cosmetics


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