Summer Makeup Trend: Graphic Liner & Lip gloss

Summer Makeup Trend: Graphic Liner & Lip gloss

If you ever loved the wing liner look, then you would love this new trend called the graphic liner or floating crease. Although really dramatic, it is paired with a lip gloss and a lightweight foundation to create a clean look. 

The idea here is to have the eyes take the spotlight, while the lips and skin use the most minimal products needed. It is a fun way of introducing color into a neutral makeup look. 

With the use of solid liner colors, you really don’t need mascara, an eye-shadow, or a bold lip color. You just need to use the space above your lash line and below your crease to be creative with whichever color of liner you decide to go with.

Adella Artistry went for the typical graphic liner look in the first picture, and a floating crease in the second picture. For a soft finish, she decided to go with the Bossy Cosmetics Lip gloss in Nougat and Cafe.

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