Summer Travel Makeup Must-Haves from Bossy Cosmetics

Summer Travel Makeup Must-Haves from Bossy Cosmetics

What Makeup to Pack for a quick Summer Trip

Hey Boss,

So really, this blog should come in two parts.  The first part, which is this one, is for a quick summer trip that's a week or less.  The second part, which may or may not be written later, is for a long summer trip. 

You already know that there is a BIG difference between one week supply of makeup and 1 month of makeup supplies but there is definitely a way to work around that using our well-thought out product sets. Hmm... Let's see!

The first point is that for a trip for a week or less, everything needs to fit in one carry-on suitcase.  YES!  I am not spending any extra time in the airport just to check in my bag and then wait upon arrival to pick it up.  We are making everything work for one week, in one carry-on case, and while that requires a ton of discipline - Bossy women can do hard things - you got this, Boss!


I'm currently in New York City for a board meeting so I will use this trip as an example for this blogpost.  The photo above is what I packed in my carry-on case.  On the top right is an LED-lit mirror from CVS that has a phone stand for when I want to create #GRWM videos while I get dressed.  Yes, I am always thinking of content creation for our community and YOU'RE WELCOME.

On the top left is our Oprah's Favorite Things 4-luxe lipstick gift set box, which I emptied out and filled with a bunch of the products that will serve me for the week.  Because I also have complexion products to carry (they can be bulky alongside the brushes), I included our Summer Makeup Bag as well.

So what make-up did I pack? 

Everything that I packed can be fit into the Summer Makeup Bag very easily and if you're not a big foundation/concealer/bronzer/eyebrow etc etc user, you can go with this alone!

Bossy Cosmetics 3-in-1 Makeup Combo Palettes

First, I started with these 2 iconic palettes.  They are amazing in providing you with a range of looks and even more versatility when you combine them!  Together, they offer twelve eyeshadow colors that range from shimmery to matte to downright pearly.  They also have 2 blush tones and 2 highlighters between them.  That's SIXTEEN options of color to use on your lids, cheeks, face, and bridge of your nose!  The Beauty Meets Drive and Elegance Meets Strength combo palettes are PERFECT in their diverse range of colors and textures as well as offer you so much optionality in creating amazing looks in a super easy and compact package!

Bossy Cosmetics Mascara Award-Winning

Next, I packed our *AWARD-WINNING* Extremely Bossy By Nature Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara.  This one is a special one (if I might say so myself!). I packed both the Onyx and Sapphire colors because sometimes you need a little drama and these mascaras will give you just THAT!  The mascara is volumizing and the wand is especially designed to pick up every single lash and highlight your eyes.  You NEED this in your make-up bag, Boss.

 Bossy Cosmetics Bossy Lip Gloss in Empowered and Outspoken

Next up are our stunning glosses!  While these come in 5 different colors, I chose EMPOWERED (on the left) and OUTSPOKEN (on the right) for this trip.  The first color is a resplendent peach which has a tone of sparkle on the lips.  This is exactly what you need as a solo lip product or to lay over a liquid lipstick.  They're buildable, blendable, and offers a creamy (not sticky) sheen.  The second color is a dazzling orange that is practically ALL shine.  They're excellent for the summertime makeup aesthetic and I love wearing them!

Bossy Cosmetics Power Woman Essentials Lipsticks

Bossy Cosmetics Power Woman Essentials Liquid Lipstick

And finally, our LIPSTICKS! 

For this week, I brought just 4 colors and it was really hard to pick but there must be a method to any type of system and I'll share mine with you.  In the liquid lipsticks, I chose COLLABORATOR and CLASSY shades because they are perfect for the summer sunny wave!  Collaborator is a warm peach tone that just looks stunning on women of ALL complexions and Classy is a soft pink that does the same. 

PERFECT summer mates!

While in bullet lipsticks, I opted for GRACEFUL and AMBITIOUS, at opposite ends of the spectrum.  With Graceful, I can always accomplish a subtle glam that serves alone or underneath either of the liquid lipsticks that I brought.  It's an exceptional color!  if you're darker-skinned, you can use HUSTLE as a lip liner and fill your lips with Graceful and what you will have will be GORGEOUS!  Ambitious is a WINNER in all seasons but she's even more elevated for an evening do!  You ALWAYS need the perfect red in your makeup bag and, for me, that's Ambitious!

Ok, Boss.  I've gone on for long enough.  I hope you appreciate my makeup advice for a quick summer trip! Get to shopping at and then get to booking your summer travel!

Be safe and stay Bossy!

aisha xxx

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