The Zoe Report Bossy Cosmetics Sugar Beet Lipstick

SUGAR BEET got some love and it's about darn time!

I've always felt like people haven't given our Sugar Beet liquid matte genius lipstick her due. 

She's literally a PERFECT shade and I don't hear enough accolades for it tbh.  And so when we got word that Kelsey Stewart at The Zoe Report featured this our fave lippie in a recent piece entitled "The Winter Lipstick Shades To Try Out This Season, Even If You're Wearing A Mask" I did shout in my office going I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Bossy Cosmetics Sugar Beet Lipstick

Sugar Beet is a really beautiful color and I think it's best worn all year round but in the fall/winter, the berry flavor adds an additional PING to the darkening skies.

Bossy Cosmetics Sugar Beet Lipstick
I remember last summer scheduling a number of customer zoom calls to learn more about their impressions of the brand and to collect valuable insights and feedback and this one customer showed up wearing Sugar Beet and she was so happy!
Bossy Cosmetics Sugar Beet Lipstick
I'm a huge fan of Sugar Beet and I think you will be too!  Thank you Kelsey Stewart for that extra bit of love that you shone on our lippie!!!
Aisha xx



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