What Small Business Saturday Meant To Me

November 30, 2020

Small Business Saturday at Bossy Cosmetics

 'Tis the season to definitely be jolly!! 

Hey Boss,

We are in an incredibly excited mood already!  My tree is up in my home, my family ate waaayyy too much food over the weekend, and orders have been coming in as soon as we announced our Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales offering!

As we all know, this has been a special year.  It's been heartbreaking watching lines of families go to food banks to ensure food security for their loved ones in these times.  Millions of people have lost jobs and thousands (maybe millions) of businesses have packed up. It's been scary.

I have to be honest with you, Boss.  At the beginning of the pandemic, and several times in between, I have been petrified that I would have to shut down the business.  I definitely thought that with masks on for the foreseeable future, no one would be buying new lipstick colors!  It turns out that I was wrong and we've managed to keep the business going, and thriving, but I am conscious of how hard things are for everyone.

It's with this backdrop that I have been so amazed and grateful to see you all shop our collection (selling out several of our SKUs) during this holiday shopping season that has officially kicked off!  THANK YOU! In fact, I recorded this below when our order record was hit on #SmallBusinessSaturday as a "love note" of sorts to each and every single one of you that has shopped Bossy! 



Thank you AGAIN!!! 

It is definitely true that when you place an order with a small business, a person (including her 3 children in my case) does a series of happy dances.  Thank you for keeping us going and for telling your friends.  Thank you!

I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!


Aisha xxx

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