Sharing the BOSSY story with Guy Raz on How I Built Resilience

Sharing the BOSSY story with Guy Raz on How I Built Resilience

OOOKKKKK bosses --- 2020 has been a wild ride and it keeps getting more and more exciting over here with #TeamBossy!

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Last week, I was interviewed by THE Guy Raz of National Public Radio's How I Built This podcast fame and honestly, I am still not over it.  If you're an entrepreneur or you secretly harbor ideas of launching a business, Guy's podcast is one of the BEST sources of inspiration and I listen to it religiously!

Imagine my shock some months back when Guy follows me on Twitter (!!!!!!), DMs me (!!!!!!) and asks for a call????????????  I thought it was a hoax but I went ahead with it.  His voice is unmistakable so when he got on the phone, I almost passed out.  I mean, Bossy Cosmetics is a tiny baby business and is on Guy Raz's radar??????? The Lord works in beautiful ways!!!!  Honestly, that felt like a MAY-JAH milestone that I didn't even know I should have had!!  The talk went well and he asked a lot of questions and was very gracious about offering support in the future if I ever needed it.  I was floored and grateful.  I just spoke to Guy Raz!!  I only told my family about it because... you just need to focus on building the business after all.

Months went by and B-A-M, I get an email from his team and they'd like me to chat with Guy on the Resiliency series!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I might have cried, bosses.  I'm an avid fan of the show and it's been my DREAM to build a beautiful, bold, unique, and beloved consumer brand like the ones that I'd heard about on his show.  We still have a LONG way to go to be considered alongside iconic brands like many of his guests feels so GREAAATTTTTT!  I can't tell a lie.  Of course I said yes and this is replay of the live discussion below.

I just want to thank Y-O-U for reading this blog post and every single person who has ever bought our product or evangelized it.  I owe you so much of my joy and truly hope that I can continue to build a business that deserves and keeps your love and admiration.

Love always,

aisha xx

PS - I am also reading his book, which is a pretty excellent synthesis of all of the great stories from his podcast.  If you're into being inspired you should get it!

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