Self-care is hyper critical right now

Self-care is hyper critical right now

So Boss.....

The world is starting to open up in case you haven't noticed.  We've heard from some of you that this is starting to create a whole new level of anxiety having been cooped up for the past year, wearing masks, and generally being afraid of human interaction beyond immediate family.  The weather is getting better and many of us are either on the first shot of the vaccine or fully vaccinated.  It's truly an exciting time for the world and I am hoping that you will start to lean into the new way of doing things that will be somewhat similar to the old days.

I don't know about you but I spent the past year doing my own nails (not so well), doing my eyebrows myself (certainly grew a unibrow), and missed my favorite indulgence of all - my quarterly facial! So last week, I wandered through downtown Palo Alto and relaxed myself for a full hour microdermabrasion session.  The photo below is of me in the ladies room just before I want in for the treatment.

I have to say that I was nervous to schedule the meeting but when I got there and saw that they had really robust COVID protocols, I felt totally safe.  My "facialist" was wearing a mask and a face shield and she washed her hands and then sanitized them too.  I fell asleep while she worked away on my face and I have now considered this my official "Re-entry to the World" event.  I highly encourage everyone to do something that you once really enjoyed and stopped doing due to COVID-19.  It is a special combination of calm and delight. The photo below is of me the following day wearing Faith lipstick and our ***new*** (yet-to-be launched) eyeliners for a zoom meeting.  This photo is unedited and I dare you to tell me that you don't see that glowwwww!!!


Anyhooo, having thoroughly enjoyed my transition from COVID-induced hibernation to starting to go out but still masked up, I am sharing this message with you.  Do something indulgent for yourself no matter how "small" or insignificant it might seem.  It just has to have real meaning for you.  This simple act of doing facial left me so recharged and determined to safely contemplate my old habits.

Here are some of my plans as I think about further indulging my previous habits but with a renewed sense of purpose:

1.  Spending time with myself while learning something new:

I have chocked this all to COVID-induced brain fog but I stopped reading books in the last year.  It's a real pity because I enjoyed reading immensely and used books to go on profound journeys through the eyes of the writer.  I miss going on these mental journeys and want to indulge my mental space again in this way.  The book that was recently recommended to me that I hope to start reading soon is called A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.  I'm told it's an exception book and I can't wait to dig in.


2.  I desperately miss my friends and I really need some physical girl time:  

I feel like COVID-19 killed a lot of my friendships and that might be an indictment on those friendships.  It's really sad to say this but I am surprised by how many friendships I just haven't heard from anymore.  I do understand that it's a hard time for everyone and people are being forced to focus on their core networks, it just sucks to learn that you aren't in the core group of the people that you had so highly cherished.  I don't begrudge anyone because we are all going through serious life changes and it's important that you prioritize the who, what, when, how, and why of your life.  I am doing the same and learning to accept that  my "tribe" now consists of less people and that's ok.  It's essential to take stock and know who is in your circle and provide for them the love and care that they need so that you can expect the same from them.  I miss my friends and I want to see them so desperately.  My next few weeks will be spent planning visits that are safe but allow me to connect once again with my tribe.

I have a feeling that I'll be re-enacting a photo like the one below in the coming weeks/months once we are all fully vaccinated and feeling up to seeing each other once again.  What are your plans to look after yourself?  Please share!

Be well, Boss!






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