Rest (also) leads to success

Rest (also) leads to success

Hey Boss,

As we were wrapping up our latest brand campaign, Dr. Seema Yasmin suggested that we relax in the grass and lay our heads together for a shot. Seema is a medical doctor, poet, author, professor, and many other things but she’s not a photoshoot director!

And still, I thought, “Why not?” as I’m always open to new ways of telling the story of what it means to be an ambitious woman who exudes strength, resilience, and very often, rest through our young brand.

When the photos came out, this was one of my favorite even though it’s not about the actual eyeliners we were launching! It’s completely representative of our brand in that we are a women’s empowerment company that masquerades as a beauty company!  

What do I mean by that (I say this often too!)? I mean that we are in the business of ensuring that women lead full and fulfilled lives whether they wear makeup or not.  Our main goal, as a brand, is to support YOU. To amplify YOU.  To empower YOU.  We'd love that you did all of that while wearing our clean and high-quality products too!

This photo is about 3 amazing women, journeying toward different massive dreams, with outrageous goals, who also understand that self-care is a critical part of reaching real fulfillment.

I learned about burn-out the hard way, please know that rest is just as important as hustle and success.

I love these photos! 

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Bossy Cosmetics Ambitious WomenBossy Cosmetics Ambitious Women
Bossy Cosmetics Ambitious WomenBossy Cosmetics Ambitious Women


Love always,


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