Our very first POP-UP was AWESOME!!!

November 04, 2019

Our very first POP-UP was AWESOME!!!

So two weekends ago, on October 19th, we held our very first POP-UP and it was a roaring SUCCESS (if we might say so ourselves)!!  We had a ton of fun welcoming existing #Bossy customers and new ones to our first ever "in real life" event.  

Ok.  I need to start off by thanking Anne and Bill Butler who so graciously hosted us in their beautiful home for the pop-up.  It was the perfect backdrop to discuss all things beauty, makeup, ambition, work, and living life to the fullest of our abilities!

Bossy Cosmetics Pop Up Location

We invited a really talented make-up artist, Stephanie, who works well with people of all skin tones, hues, and ethnicities to create beautiful and easy-to-achieve looks for our Bossy guests.  For us, inclusivity in our product line is critical.  We want to create a beauty business that offers great products for people of ALL hues.  Everyone walked away with a number of items they loved!


I had the distinct pleasure of sharing my "WHY" of Bossy Cosmetics and if you've followed this blog, you already know my why.  If not, please check out my initial blog post


It was really awesome getting to know women in the community and receiving feedback from them on our existing product range and our product plans for the future.  There were a number of teenagers who accompanied their moms to the event (we won't share their photos as they are minors) and they were very open with their views about being called Bossy as young girls and how they've navigated owning their "bossiness."


All in all, as I previously said, it was a roaring success.  Lots of great food, drink, laughter, and true talk.  Thank you to everyone that came out and picked up some great colors from our HOLIDAZZLE SALE.  Click that link if you want some great lip colors on discount. 

Please be sure to send us photos when you wear them and if you decide to post, please tag #LipsByBossy.



While you're here, shop the HOLIDAZZLE Sale!


PS - Our next pop up is Saturday & Sunday, November 9 - November 10 at West Elm Downtown Palo Alto, 180 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301.  We'll be there all day so please stop by!


PPS - Our pop up after that one is Sunday, December 8, hosted by In Her Shoes at their Holiday Bazaar right smack in the heart of DUMBO at 26 Bridge.  We'll be there all day so please stop by if you're in New York City.






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