Monday Motivation: Being Unstoppable

Monday Motivation: Being Unstoppable

Towards the end of last year, Forbes partnered with Mika Brzezinski of Know Your Value platform to create a new initiative called the 50 over 50. This new initiative was created to celebrate and spotlight inspiring boss women over the age of 50, who overcame all odds and barriers in order to achieve significant success later in life.

These women symbolize all the attributes that we believe are essential for every power woman. Their stories each tell how ambitious, inspiring, fierce, focused, confident and most importantly unstoppable they are. They never stopped even after the age of 50 and went after what they wanted by rejecting the idea that there is an age where life starts or ends.

This week, we would like to remind you that there is no age limit  to achieving success. Keep working at that thing you are passionate about, be it entrepreneurship, or career and everything in between, without the fear of getting too old to reach the milestones you may have set for yourself. There is every change you will hit and even surpass them. While working towards those milestones or achievements, learn to celebrate little wins or what may seem like one because at the end of the day there is no deadline for success.

From their stories, it is clear that the women on this list are working towards a  purpose that is above themselves; they are using their platforms to empower and enrich our lives and the lives of the future generations to come. We hope the stories of the women inspire and resonate with you.

If you would like to read the full article and view the full list, you can find that on the Forbes official website here. Find some great advice from Nancy Pelosi, Julie Wainwright and Shonda Rhimes, Kim Ng, Maria Salazar, Dr Laura Stachel, Katalin Kariko, and Tracy Chadwell  below.


“People make their own decisions about their timing, and they don’t have to comply with somebody else’s view of how that should be, It's about what works for them.”

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

"You need to think of your career as a long-term investment. Never stop taking risks . And even when you think you're there, you're not there yet. Learning happens at every age"

Julie Wainwright, Founder & CEO TheRealReal


“I'm very clear on my track record, I'm no longer worried about negotiations in any way, shape or form."

Shonda Rhimes, Producer, Screenwriter and Author


"To be rejected that many times is tough on anybody's ego. But at the end of the day, it's hard to lose hope in your dreams, and you just have to keep pushing on"

Kim Ng, General Manger, Miami Marlins

 "I'm Cuban-American. I'm the daughter of political refugees. You never,never,never give up."

Maria Elvira Salazar, Congresswoman, Florida's 27th district

"What was once viewed as the most devastating setback to my career ended up opening the door to probably even a more exciting career. I loved working with patients one to one, but now I know I'm touching literally millions of lives."

Dr Laura Stachel, Co-founder, Executive Director & We Care Solar

"Everybody was saying no, no, no. But as long as I had one person who was for the idea. If you focus, you can stay on course."

Katalin Kariko, Biochemist and Senior VP, BioNTech

'I feel free. I don't really have anything to prove to anyone in the grand scheme of things. Life is good."

Aicha Evans, CEO, Zoox

 "I never saw any other women investors. I never saw any women founders of companies. And all of a sudden, we had this perfect storm of women beign interested in building business and no capital. So I said, I'm going to start by investing in women."

Tracy Chadwell, Founding Partner, 1843 Capital

We hope the stories of these bossy women inspire and resonate with you.
Have an amazing week ahead!







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