Meghan Markle Shows Us Words Most Certainly Matter

Meghan Markle Shows Us Words Most Certainly Matter


Me, that is.  The completely inconsistent Bossy Cosmetics blogger. 

I mean, I started this year off with a plan to write useful nuggets to our Bossy community *checks notes* once a week and the records show that the last blogpost was written on March 31st when we announced we raised over $1 million.  


Please accept my sincere apologies.  It's been an incredibly busy year for the team and I also made a promise that I would spend more quality time with my family so I dropped a few balls that were juggling in the air.  The good news is that since my last blogpost, we have:

Sooooooooooooo, yeah, it's been crazy busy but I promise to do better going forward (certainly not weekly blogging though!).

Anyhoo, I had the AWESOME pleasure of stumbling upon Duchess Meghan Markle's new podcast called Archetypes and I LOVE IT so far.  Her first episode is with the indomitable tennis legend, cultural icon, and venture capitalist -SERENA WILLIAMS

In this episode, they talk Ambition and, as a working mother myself who created this brand to serve women who self-identify as being AMBITIOUS, I had to listen to it and so should you!

It's packed full of gems shared by both Serena and Meghan about how they've navigated being ambitious women in a world that is chock full of double standards against women, especially in male dominated spaces. 

The podcast is a celebration of the fierceness of womanhood that also allows for us to also be vulnerable, fearful, and unsure sometimes.

I loved this episode and I hope you do too!  Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.


Love always,

aisha xoxoxo

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