Makeup Trends We're Loving This Season

Makeup Trends We're Loving This Season

We’re officially ushering in the fall season by saying goodbye to bikinis and beach babes and hello to warm colors. The transition from summer to fall makeup also allows us to embrace wearing a full face of makeup that won’t melt away in the sun. If summer is about wearing light makeup with pops of color, then fall is the time for bold colors full of darker eyes and lip colors. In an era of experimentation and viral beauty looks, it can be challenging to figure out all the nuances of makeup. Keeping up with the latest trends doesn’t have to break the bank account or leave you stressed out, it ultimately is about wearing makeup that makes you feel beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the makeup trends that will have us channeling our inner boss and walking confidently into a new season:

Brown Shimmers 

Makeup Trends We are Loving This Fall by Bossy Cosmetics

Who doesn’t love brown in the fall? Brown evokes fall and always has but adding in pops of shimmer adds some pizzazz to the classic color. It’s a staple color that can be used by itself or layered in with similar colors to create a deep smoky eye. Modern muses like Zendaya use the brown shimmer to create a smoky eye effect that elevates her red carpet look. 

Bossy Cosmetics recommends: The Beauty Meet Drive combo palette brings opulence and versatility to your everyday makeup looks with rich and luxurious shades. If you’re looking to channel the brown shimmer trend, our “Mother” and “Badass” are a perfect duo that blends matte brown with a touch of sparkle.  We also recommend Focused lipstick which the model above is wearing on her lips!

Barbie Pink

Bossy Cosmetics Barbiecore Makeup Trend

We’re putting out the notice now that Barbie has perched its flag on the makeup ground and is not going anywhere. To say that pink has everyone in a daze right now is an understatement and fall is opening up the spectrum of pink shades for everyone. You can expect to see hues of pink this season whether it’s peachy-pink on the lips or blended into our makeup.

Bossy Cosmetics recommends: We’ve got tons of pink lip options that will keep your lips looking luxurious and your ambition running high. Go bold with our fuschia pinkInspiring” bullet lipstick, soft pink with “Graceful”, or delicate pink with “Sophisticated”.

Jewel-Toned Eyes

Makeup Trends We're Loving This Season

 Who doesn’t love a good jewel tone? This season we’re seeing emerald green bring all the dazzle and elegance to our eyeshadow looks. Jewel tones look great on any skin tone and can be used to add glow and elegance to the eye instead of the dark hues of a smokey eye.

Bossy Cosmetics recommends: The Beauty Meet Drive combo palette is serving up all the jewel tone goodness in one single palette. Dive into the luxurious pigments of colors like “Daughter” and “Friend” which have a dreamy turquoise sparkle and deep purple shine.  We'd also suggest both "Determined" and "Hustle" chocolate brown lipsticks if you're looking to replicate her look!

Deep Blushes 

Makeup Trends We're Loving This Season by Bossy Cosmetics

Blush is one beauty product that continues to be on the rise as millennials and Gen-Z dip into the nostalgia of yesteryears. The fall will usher in deeper hues of blush that give rosy hues along your temples. If you’re looking for inspiration then celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Ariana Debose, and Tessa Thompson are a few ladies who know how to serve when wearing a blush tone.

Bossy Cosmetics recommends: Our Elegance Meets Strength Palette is a gorgeous palette with deep and rich pigments that are blendable with any beauty look. The bold red matte blush is perfect for the fall season and looks fantastic on any skin tone. 

Vampire-Red Lips

Makeup Looks We're Loving This Season

Red lips never go out of style whether you’re wearing the infamous Taylor Swift hue or going for a bold and bright shade. Vampire red is making a comeback which means we’ll see a departure from the staple grunge red and colors that are pigmented and bright. Don’t forget the key to pulling off a red lip is loads of confidence and pristine application so it doesn’t run or smear.

Bossy Cosmetics recommends: Red has never looked better than with our “Faith” liquid lipstick which is long-lasting, vegan, and has an extra matte finish. Our ingredients include Vitamin E and Vegetal Glycerol so your lips are protected, replenished, and healthy for a stunning all-day look.  If you want your lips GLOSSY like the mdoel above, add layers of our "Feisty" Bossy Gloss and off you go!!!

Which fall makeup trend do you plan to try? Let us know in the comments!

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