Brunch with Fellow Boss Babes

Brunch with Fellow Boss Babes

Around this time of the year, a lot of outdoor events take place and our favorite is brunch. This is because we get to spend time and catch up with  friends we haven't seen ever since the pandemic and health regulations were placed.

Brunch is always a good idea, if you decide to host or even attend one. It is usually at a convenient time as it is a hybrid between breakfast and lunch.

There is no rule on how to dress for this occasion but after months of staying at home, we feel it is only right that we show up at every event looking like a stunning boss babe. So enjoy our mood board for a semi formal brunch look with your boss babes.

Brunch Lipstick Recommendation

1. Inspiring

Inspiring is a bright pink/fuchsia shade that looks great on every skin tone.

2. Courage

Courage is a resplendent coral that pops beautifully once you apply it!


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