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Last week, we announced that we were re-launching our Beauty Meets Wisdom initiative through a partnership with ideamix, a women-founded technology-enabled platform that efficiently curates an experienced group of life/career/executive coaches to transform the lives of our customers.

If you've been following us long enough (I hope you have, if not welcome to the wonderful world of Bossy women!), you'll know that we are all about our brand's core DNA, which is best described in the illustration below:

Bossy Cosmetics Beauty Meets Wisdom Coaching Services 

Each of these three aspects is equally as important as the other two and that can often get lost as you are building what appears to be a product-led company that is in fact a mission-driven one!  It's important to us to ensure that our partners, stakeholder, customers, and team members remember that our north star is "empowering women to look, feel, and do good." 

We do this through our high-quality cosmetics, engaging topical content, and *now* essential value-added services such as Beauty Meets Wisdom.

Sam Jayanti, the founder of ideamix, and I met while we were getting our MBAs from the Harvard Business School over 20 years ago and we have both talked about the immense benefits of coaching to our careers over time.  We feel pretty passionate that women stand to benefit substantially from working with coaches as they navigate their career journeys (just the way men do!) and decided to work together to make it a reality! 

If you're on the fence about coaching, intrigued, or open to learning more about how this opportunity could benefit you, join us this Friday, March 31st on Instagram Live at 12 PM PT/ 3 PM ET for a discussion with Coach Nikki on how she's brought significant value to her client's lives through the power of coaching!

This discussion will be on Instagram Live at


Bossy Cosmetics ideamix Coaching Beauty Meets Wisdom IG Live on Coaching


 Hope to see you there so we can help you level up!



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