Indulge and Donate while you Shop Bossy

November 17, 2020

Indulge and Donate while you Shop Bossy

Hey Boss,

Hopefully you've been following us long enough to know that we aspire to be more than a cosmetics company that sells high-quality packaged and pigmented products.  While that is an honorable and fantastic pursuit, our goals have always been much bigger than that.  We seek to empower ambitious women to look, feel, and do good in the world and creating cruelty-free makeup is a means of doing that.  

A core part of our brand DNA has been partnering with non-profit organizations around the world that do the hard work of social advocacy for women and girls, especially those in the most vulnerable communities. 

Since our launch on International Women's Day 2019, we have proudly partnered with Women's Link Worldwide, Women At Risk International Foundation, and Girls Inc of St. Louis.  Although we are a small brand, we have made it possible for our growing shopper base to join us in supporting these organizations by either rounding up their purchase or donating additional sums as you check out your purchase.  This has been an awesome way to engage our customers in our goal of supporting women and girls in communities that need it most. 

Through the support of Daily Karma and their seamless app that integrates into our online store, we've been able to work through a third-party provider who automates this charitable giving on your behalf.  Thank you if you have supported this initiative in any way!  In fact, just shopping in the store is a way to support as we gift each organization a small sum from our revenues and you make that possible, Boss!

As we prepare for the excitement of the holiday shopping season, especially as it relates to upcoming Giving Tuesday, we wanted to do something special for one of the organizations so that we could "turbocharge" our giving in this eventful year of 2020!  

We decided to create a giving plan that was new and unlike one we've ever done in the past and we need YOU to make it a success.  We will be donating 50% of the gross proceeds from the sale of each of the 5 Power Woman Essentials liquid lipsticks - Faith, Hustle, Bravery, Wisdom, and Courage to Women's Link Worldwide between November 18 - 30.

Women's Link Worldwide uses the power of law to promote social change that favors the rights of women and girls, especially those facing multiple inequities.


Catch my chat with their founder and CEO, Viviana Waisman, below:

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Thank you in advance for your support of Bossy and initiatives like this that allow us to do more than we ever dreamed we could!

Aisha xx 


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