How to make your lipstick transfer-proof

How to make your lipstick transfer-proof

 A lot of us ditched wearing makeup for the first few weeks of quarantine, waiting to hear everything was ok again, till we figured out this was more than a temporary situation, this was really a PANDEMIC!!!

However, as time passed, I started to miss the whole process of putting on makeup and decided to start wearing some again, so I changed my routine to become more mask friendly. The hardest part was figuring out how to stop my lipstick from transferring unto my face-mask. I finally cracked the code and I’m here to share tips and hacks as per usual!

1.Prep Your Base

Exfoliate your lips if they are flaky or dry, to avoid a rough and uneven look. Apply a lip scrub, leave on for a few minutes and exfoliate lightly in a circular motion with a soft bristle brush.

2.Prime Your Lips.

Lip Primer helps to smoothen your lips to prevent it from bleeding, fading and creasing to achieve  a flawless base for an increasingly lasting lip makeup.

3.Create a Canvas

Use a lip liner to line all over your lips. This creates a smooth canvas for the lipstick to stick to. You can use a lip liner that is the exact shade of your lipstick or you can go a few shades darker if you are trying to create an ombre look.

4.Lipstick & Blot Time

I strongly recommend a matte lipstick, this is because matte lipsticks don't smudge as much as satin lipsticks. After applying your lipstick, you place a piece of paper towel or toilet tissue between your lips and press to blot off any excess color or shine.Then dust your lips with a translucent powder and brush  to set your lipstick before finally re-applying another layer of the lipstick. 

This process helps to significantly reduce transfer and guarantee longer lasting lipstick, which is what we are trying to achieve while having lipstick under our masks.

Share your mask-proof makeup hacks with us in the comment section, we would love to learn more tricks.


Go forth and slay this week Bosses!

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