Hi Boss! Meet Faith, Hustle, Courage, Wisdom and Bravery

Hi Boss! Meet Faith, Hustle, Courage, Wisdom and Bravery

Welcome to unbridled excellence and beauty!  Our latest collection - Power Woman Essentials - comprises of liquid matte lipsticks, glamour velvet lipsticks, eye-shadows, blush, highlighters, and so much more!  They are the 'essential' items that all ambitious women will need in their makeup bags.  

Our first product launching in this collection are liquid lipsticks named WISDOM, FAITH, COURAGE, BRAVERY, and HUSTLE.  These are five essential attributes that power women - bosses - need as we navigate our personal and professional journeys.

Let's remember that life is a journey and we need to enjoy it and stop thinking only about the destination. We celebrate you and ourselves with this new collection. We adore ambitious women in all of our imperfection and splendid mess! There is brilliance and resilience in all of us! You are light and this collection is made by YOU for YOU.⠀

Shop the Power Woman Essentials collection here.

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