From Pandemic To Power: How Bossy Cosmetics Inspired Me to Embrace my Uniqueness

From Pandemic To Power: How Bossy Cosmetics Inspired Me to Embrace my Uniqueness

The year 2020 was an unexpected time, turning our lives upside down with an unprecedented pandemic. As a freshman in high school during this time, I sought comfort in spending hours on social media, seeking support amidst the isolation and bore of the pandemic.

Social media gave me a sense of community, comfort, and normalcy, becoming my go-to escape during the transition to online school and lack of social interaction I had. Most of all, it served as a distraction from other challenges in my life. However I soon realized that the longer I spent on social media, the constant comparisons to seemingly perfect people with perfect lives increased, which decreased my self-confidence; I ended up feeling even more empty and alone. 

I recognized the need to find healthier hobbies and distractions. Around this time, my close friend suggested trying makeup as an outlet and as a way to boost my confidence. With a bag full of drugstore makeup products that I bought with my sister the next day, I began experimenting with different looks and techniques. The more and more products I tried out, the more happiness I gained from this new-found hobby. As I continued to explore makeup even more, I realized that it was not about seeking external validation, but it was a tool that empowered me to embrace my uniqueness. Makeup products transcend the idea of making every person a copy-paste eurocentric standard, they rather have the ability to enhance and compliment everyone’s unique features. 

This idea is what stuck with me when discovering Bossy Cosmetics. The brand’s goal of empowering individuals through makeup resonated with me, because I had the first-hand experience of gaining a sense of confidence and joy through makeup. The diverse range of products allowed me to express myself and experiment however I wanted. Bossy Cosmetics was not just another makeup brand, as above all, they emphasized the importance of self-love and empowerment of women. 

Not only does Bossy Cosmetics sell quality products, but what caught my eye was their powerful and inspiring messages that were attached onto every product created. Each product is thoughtfully named to reflect a characteristic of empowerment. From bullet lipsticks named “Fierce” and “Ambitious” to lip glosses named “Outspoken” and “Unapologetic” and a highlighter named “Leader”, I was indirectly encouraged to embrace having such qualities, not just in my makeup choices but in my everyday life. By associating empowering traits with each product, these products can remind women all over the world of the strength they have. 

As I continue my journey with my self-confidence and experimentation with makeup, I am ready to embrace the future of empowerment with Bossy Cosmetics!



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