Fall Lipstick Picks

Fall Lipstick Picks

It is exactly a month from Fall, who else is excited?  Fall is all about smokey eyes, deep  tones, dark lips, and an overall more sultry vibe than summer. That means it is time to pick up rich darker lipstick shades and put away your bright summer palettes. Also, you get to try out all the smokey eye tutorials and deep lip combos tutorials you have saved. 

 Official Fall lipstick colors are darker hued ones like deep burgundy, chocolate browns, nude browns, darker reds, deep purple and burnt orange. If you are new to makeup or lipstick or aren't sure of what colors would look great on you, here are some lipstick recommendations based on skin tones.


Pale Light Skin

If you have pale light skin, you should opt for berry hued lipsticks like Vixen, Rouge and Faith.

Medium Complexion Skin

If you have  medium complexion skin go more for reddish browns like Hustle and Vixen.

Dark Complexion Skin

If your complexion is darker, go for darker purples like Mulberry and Sugar Beet.

 Nude lipsticks like Bombshell and Ritzy will always be in season, if you don't like to play it bold when it comes to lipstick. However, if you do like to play it bold, Sexy, Hustle, Faith, Rouge, Vixen and Sugar Beet are bold colors that look great on every complexion.

Remember, the goal is to have fun while creating your looks. 

Enjoy your weekend Bosses!

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