Essence Festival Beauty Edit on Instagram with Bossy Cosmetics

Essence Festival Beauty Edit on Instagram with Bossy Cosmetics

Hey Boss,

Today I am going to brag and rather grotesquely even! Yes indeed.  Sorry not sorry!  A couple of weeks ago, Instagram approached us (YEEESSSSS) and asked if we'd be happy to participate in their FIRST EVER (read that again) live shopping event during ESSENCE FESTIVAL this year!  I mean, whhaaaaatttttt !@#$%$#@!

T-H-E Essence Festival!!

I tried to play it all cool in my email response but I was doing virtual backflips and cartwheels when I found out that they had selected 6 Black-owned brands to feature and we were ONE of them!! I promptly said about 10 Hail Mary's and made myself a gin & tonic in celebration (yes, I am THAT sort of Catholic girl).

Ok, if you know anything about #BlackGirlMagic you'll know that Essence is where it resides, thrives, flourishes, and soars!  This felt like a truly beautiful moment for our brand to get to participate in this event alongside 5 other amazing companies (please see the full list below) that are founded and led by Black women.


Thank you Essence for always celebrating Black women and thank you Instagram for using your platform to share our stories and evangelize our businesses!  Most importantly, thank you for choosing Bossy Cosmetics in this event!  Thank you to everyone who came for the shopping event and picked up new Bossy products!  


Welcome to the Bossy family!  We love you already! Check out my "performance" on the Essence Fest Beauty Edit Live stage below!

Sincerely grateful,



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 In GREAT company!


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