Do it afraid.... and then do it AGAIN!

Do it afraid.... and then do it AGAIN!

Hey Boss,


I hope this blogpost finds you well!!  It's been a harried few weeks and months for us.  Well, it's been harried for everyone but we've felt a certain added sense of excitement in the last few months. I don't know if you heard but we WON THE BIG FIND COMPETITION AND DEBUTED A NEW COLLECTION ON QVC!!!


Yes, yes, yes!  It's been a really exciting time for us as a company and we were so honored to be given the chance to appear in over 100 million homes across the US and introduce our young brand.  


We launched these neutral lipsticks that retail for $29.96 ($40 retail value)
Bossy Cosmetics on QVC


And these bold colors too!



I don't think I have EVER been this nervous before in my life but somehow I made it through the 8 minute on-air show and it was an AMAZING success!  The host of the QVC show, Shawn Killinger, was fantastic and she really made me feel at ease.  I managed to speak without fumbling and it was truly a thrilling moment for the team and I.

Shawn Killinger QVC and Aishetu Fatiam Dozie Bossy Cosmetics

Click on the image above to watch the 8 minute show!


It was an honor and a privilege and I can't wait to get back on air as we have been invited to come back in the very near future!  Thank you to QVC and to all of YOU who shopped the collection and made it such a success!

Bossy Cosmetics on QVC

If you want to snag these lipsticks, hurry up and do so before they sell out!  They are only available on QVC so get to shopping, Boss!





PS - If you'd like to learn more about how we won The Big Find competition and how we made it through the 6 months of prep to QVC, check out my IG live below!


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