Have COURAGE: What makes a color suitable for fall?

Have COURAGE: What makes a color suitable for fall?

Hey Boss,

Are you as excited as we are that it's fall now?  Over here on team bossy, we are delighted to get our fall outfits together!!  Wearing colorful coats and beautiful cashmere sweaters is right up our alley and COVID-19 be damned while we dress up with no where really to go!  While our fashion vibe is decidedly taking a turn for the more interesting, what about our lips?

We got this photo the other day from Megan and as you can see, she has KILLED this look with COURAGE from our Power Woman Essentials Collection.

If you've been trained to believe that fall lips are dark or muted, we are here to immediately tell you that you have been looking at life in the WRONG way.  Not only is this color spectacular and bold, it suits every single woman who has worn it since we launched it!  COURAGE needs to be your go-to color right now because no matter how you chose to dress up for the nippy weather, a bright lip will carry you far!  It also dries down matte so you can wear it underneath your mask without fear!.

Shop COURAGE today and send us your photo!  Tag us on social with #LipsByBossy too






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