Happy Monday, Boss Babes! How was your weekend? I hope it was fantastic even if it was spent taking care of errands or not-so-desirable tasks. Let’s have a quick chat before we all dive into this week’s activities.

Our quote of the week is “Consistency is more important than perfection”. Let’s keep this in mind as we work towards our various goals for the week.

Sometimes perfection hurts us rather than helps us because focusing on perfection allows for an all-or-nothing mentality that makes us live in fear of failure or disappointment on a day to day basis. This can be paralyzing and rob us of the ability to make any progress or at the very least, makes the journey towards success more arduous as one is most likely to lose sight of the good things that  are happening along the way to achieving your set goals.  

Consistency on the other hand is  key to any kind of change you are considering  and often yields better, sustainable and longer lasting change because it allows for growth and constant improvement as well as focuses on the process not just the end result. Consistent efforts over time,  no matter how little, will often add up to great success under less stress and pressure.  

Here are a few ways to incorporate consistency into your life to reach your goals- whether they are short term or long term.

1. Take gradual baby steps and create a sustainable routine

Taking minor steps are less intimidating which makes it easier to start. Also, Gradual changes provide positive reinforcement, because once you see and feel the benefits of these baby steps/changes, you become more motivated and excited to take giant strides. So, try changing habits/ making lifestyle changes in the littlest ways in your journey towards consistency.

Getting into a routine makes it easier for a habit to be formed. It is however important that the routine is sustainable rather than going in all hard the first few days and abandoning ship afterwards because great results are only obtained over time.  Gradual steps in the right direction are still progress when trying to create a consistent habit.

2. Become Accountable

Being accountable to someone close to you goes a long way. Knowing that you have to report or share your progress with another person helps you stay committed. The encouragement and support go a long way in helping you remain motivated towards achieving your goals.

3. Remember your ‘why’

Remembering and knowing your ‘why’ is an important step as it helps you follow through with your plans. While having an accountability partner is great, you need to have the force within yourself that drives you to do things with or without people to cheer you on.

4. Focus on one thing at a time

Select and stick to one change at a time, this way that habit sticks and becomes a part of you. If it is a skill you are trying to learn consistently, focus and master it before moving onto the next. If it is a lifestyle change, do this daily till it becomes part of your routine. Taking on many challenges at a time could become overwhelming or  slow your rate of improvement in any one area and this seeming lack of progress could become a demotivating factor that causes you to abandon your goals all together.

5. Value progress over perfection

It is genuinely impossible to achieve 100% perfection in tasks every single day, especially on the first try. It is easier to work your way up and aim to be better everyday than the previous day Over time, our output will be nearing perfection status as we learn and improve.

Whatever skills, habit or lifestyle changes you are trying to develop, it is important to appreciate how much progress you have made while on your journey because it spurs you on and motivates you to achieve even more. 

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Go forth and glow!


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