Celebrating Black History Month through Storytelling

February 07, 2021

Celebrating Black History Month through Storytelling

 We are excited to be kicking off Black History Month with storytelling by Black women! It's an honor and a privilege to be able to share the stories of the founding and hustle behind Love IguehiPeople of Color Beauty, Shea Radiance, Glory Skincare, 54 Thrones, and The Ribbon Room Balloons.   ⠀

Our goal is to host unscripted stories that unmask the smiles and stylized photos seen on instagram! All that is GREAT and REAL but we also wanted to hear some BTS discussion on how Black women are thriving, surviving, and soaring in these times. We hope you'll join us for these discussions throughout the month of February.⠀

Please follow us on Instagram to watch the IG Lives or you can check them out below, by clicking on the photos, as we record them.

Please meet Iguehi James of African-inspired fashion brand, Love Iguehi.  We spoke on Feb 4 about building business through community.  Her pieces are as amazing as the discussion that we had!  I wore my resplendent kaftan for our conversation and I felt so beautiful in it.  Click on the photo to watch and see some #BlackGirlMagic in action. 

Love Iguehi and Bossy Cosmetics for Black History Month

Please meet Jacqueline Harrington of nail polish brand, People of Color Beauty.  We spoke on Feb 5 about bootstrapping beauty brands and it was really a fascinating conversation.  We talked about growth and starting where you are.  Jacque started as a DTC nail polish brand that now retails in all Urban Outfitters and Kohls.com.  Her hustle is a beautiful thing to watch! You really should watch this episode by clicking the photo below!

POC Beauty and Bossy Cosmetics for Black History Month

Next up is Funlayo Alabi, founder of Shea Radiance.  We will be speaking on Feb 9 @12pm PT about building clean beauty businesses and I am really looking forward to this discussion! 

Shea Radiance and Bossy Cosmetics for Black History Month

Next up will be Christine Tegbe, founder of beauty brand, 54 Thrones, on Feb 11 @ 3PM PT.  I am really looking forward to this discussion which will be centered on how she uses storytelling to build brands that truly resonate with customers.  She really knows how to evoke delight so I am hoping to learn a thing or two from her! 

54 Thrones and Bossy Cosmetics for Black History Month

After that, we have Sola Akpata, who is founder of The Ribbon Room Balloons, which is based in Lagos, Nigeria.  We will be speaking on Feb 18 @10 am PT about the grit, passion, and hustle required to building a lasting brand.  I can't wait for this discussion!

Ribbon Room NG Bossy Cosmetics for Black History Month

After that is Alisia Ford, founder of Glory Skincare!  She and I will be speaking on Feb 22 @ 3PM PT about pivoting from the corporate hustle to an entrepreneurial one.  Alisia was a lawyer and I am a former finance executive so I am keen to learn how the transition has gone for her.  You should definitely watch this!

Glory Skincare Bossy Cosmetics Black History Month

And last, but most definitely not the least, is Alexis Avery, founder of Hour x Hour Bath Company!  We will be speaking on Feb 23rd @ 3PM and I am thrilled to chat with her about her brand which primarily focuses people dealing with chronic pain and how to rejuvenate their minds and bodies through soothing products.  This isn't a conversation that you want to miss!

That's it for now!  Hope you get a moment to watch each of the episodes on our instagram page.  If you click each photo, you'll be taken to the exact location to view!  As usual, we hope you'll comment on insta and let us know how you felt about the discussion. Happy Black History Month!

Peace and love,

aisha xx

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