Beauty Meets Wisdom x Own Your Story with Olivia Christian

February 10, 2021

Beauty Meets Wisdom x Own Your Story with Olivia Christian

Hey Boss!

I hope this blog post meets you well. I wanted to share that we held our first (hopefully of many) Beauty Meets Wisdom collaboration events recently and by the feedback we can definitively announce that it was a SUCCESS!! 

Hopefully by now you are aware that we have this "essential service" offering whereby if you spend over $50 on products on the site, you are immediately eligible to receive a COMPLIMENTARY hour of coaching from a broad array of experts on the wiseHer platform.

Please do yourself a favor and check out our Beauty Meets Wisdom page in order to learn more about how we want YOU to level up in your career, business, and life so that you can reach your full potential!

We partnered with acclaimed speaker, podcaster, and all-around personal branding guru, Olivia Christian to offer 5 FREE seats to her OWN YOUR STORY workshop ($500 value) and ran a giveaway on our Instagram page (I do hope you follow us there where all sorts of cool things go down!).  

Olivia is the master of teaching people how to craft their narrative with passion and purpose.  She has provided this workshop for employees of major companies like Google, LinkedIn, Visa, Hello Fresh, Vistaprint, and more.  All that to say she really knows her stuff!  I had the privilege of participating in her workshop some years ago and I highly recommend it!  You can learn more about Olivia on her website or her personal instagram page.

Check out some of the feedback that I received from the participants:

Hi Olivia and Aisha!
Just wanted to say thank you again for the session today-I love having a blueprint that leverages amazing storytelling to help achieve my goals! I can already think of a million ways this will be so so helpful! It was lovely to meet everyone and hear how their stories come to life as well. 
I will absolutely share my story back with you Olivia- and send you some scents when they are ready!! 😊
Thank you again for the connection and wisdom! 
xxx (I deleted the name)




Hi Aisha, 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the "Own Your Voice" workshop today. It was absolutely wonderful! I learned a lot, feel inspired and am honored to now be connected to Olivia! I'm attaching a screen shot, it's cut and cropped, ha! I was on my phone and this was the best I could do. 
Thank you again and I look forward to staying connected! 
All the best, 
xxx (I deleted the name)




I really enjoyed it! Olivia made us feel really comfortable and from there we were all able to contribute and share valuable examples.

We all came from different backgrounds and have different goals but at the end of the day we were able to own our stories and share it based on the 3 mins example she started off with and the slides.

She spoke to us deconstructing and constructing out stories. Deconstructing our story focused on the challenges, choice and call to action that leads to the questions you’ll have to answer while constructing and your story. These questions are
1. When (the spark & when it happened)
2. What (what actions you took)
3. How ( your thoughts and feelings throughout your journey )
4. Now (your call to action)

My biggest takeaway is that I can use what I’ve learnt and the questions above to own and share my story in an academic, professional or casual environment based on my audience.


I'm really excited that the workshop was a SUCESS and so pleased that our followers and customers engaged in the giveaway.  We can't wait to bring you more opportunities to level up together.




Back in December, I interviewed Olivia on IG live and it's really worth a watch when you have a moment.


Aisha xx


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