When it comes to beach makeup, less is always better. A natural flawless skin and bold lip is always key to achieving that effortless look. Here are a few essentials you need in your makeup purse to ensure that you have a good time and not have to worry about your makeup smudging.

1.  Sunscreen 

This already goes without saying that sunscreen should always be in our everyday bag and most importantly our beach bag. It helps to protect the skin from sunburn, reduce the risk of skin cancer, sign of aging and sunspots. To ensure that while you are enjoying the much needed vitamin D you are protected, it is important to reapply sunscreen two hours after sweating or swimming.

2. Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is a better option than thick or creamy foundation or concealers. This is because the humid weather by the beach and thick products don't mix well -It is simply a recipe for disaster, as it will smudge almost instantly. Tinted moisturizers are usually lightweight and easy to apply with just your fingertips.

If your tinted moisturizer is not providing the type of coverage you like, you can mix a pea sized amount of your foundation with the moisturizer for better coverage.

3. Eyeshadow 

A palette with matte and creamy pigments will help create a simple neutral eye look. Style, Meet Substance palette is a great option as it has nine colors and textures including matte, pearly, glitter, and creamy that flatter any skin tone. It is also easy to blend, highly-pigmented, and long-lasting which makes it a great choice for your makeup purse. Avoid the glitter pigments for beach looks and stick to the matte and creamy shades for a clean and simple look.

4. Waterproof Mascara & Liner

Waterproof eye products help to ensure your eye makeup does not run after a few hours.

The right waterproof formula provides Smudge-proof and fade-proof lashes and waterline that can stand against all the fun activities you may get up to while on the beach.

5. Cream blush, bronzer and highlighter

I know, I said creamy products are not for the beach. But when it comes to blush, bronzer and highlighter, the cream versions allow for a flawless application and glides onto your tinted moisturizer or skin so easily, creating a natural glow and contour look. The hack is to apply these products as lightly as possible.

6. Eyebrows

Waterproof brow gel is a better option than brow pencil. With the brow gel you don't have to worry about using a concealer to clean up the top or bottom like you would with the brow pencil

7. Long-lasting matte lipstick

Lip gloss at the beach is a recipe for sandy lips.So when it comes to your beach beauty essentials, you will have to ditch lip gloss for matte lipsticks. Lipsticks from our Liquid Matte Genius Collection and Power Woman Essentials Collection are matte, vibrant, comfortable to wear, lightweight and long lasting.

Bright lip colors such as fuschia, coral, orange and bright red, complements your neutral eye look and are great colors to have in your beach makeup purse. Confident, Unstoppable, Inspiring, Wisdom, Courage, Bravery, Sugar Beet, Siren, Bombshell, Mulberry and Berry Berry are great options for the perfect beach look.

8. Finishing spray

A face mist helps to finish up your makeup and lock it in place, while hydrating your skin for a refreshed look. Finishing spray is one beauty product that I cannot do without, I always opt for hydrating sprays or mists that give dewy and glowy finish and last for hours because I like my makeup to look dewy like skin and that is what beach makeup should also look like.

If you want to add more products to your beach beauty essentials, the key is to get products that are sweat resistant and waterproof. Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, recommends cream and gel products her reason being that they allow for a natural finish that is easier to retouch.

Share your beach beauty essentials with us! We always love to learn new beauty secrets and hacks.

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