Florence Evina-Ze Ipsy Bossy Cosmetics

Meet Florence Evina-Ze, Director of Customer Support at IPSY

I wanted to float this back up on your radar, Boss.  I'm getting better with blogging more and more on the site than I was in the beginning of the year.  I'm still waiting for someone to give me feedback on these blogposts though!!  Do you guys even like them?

But seriously, I wanted to share a couple of the 5 minutes with a boss videos that I did late last year before COVID-19 prevented me from inviting people into my garden and talking about their high's, lows, and in-betweens.  This feature is of an amazing woman (who is now the mom to twin boys) who is a Harvard Business School grad and a beauty industry connoisseur!  It was a delight speaking with Florence Evina-Ze and I share this video below for your enjoyment! 

She's wearing Ruby on her lips (in case you were wondering!).

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