December 15, 2019 1 Comment

There are moments in your life that are totally earth-shattering, mind-boggling, transformational, and awe-inspiring to yourself.  I haven't had a ton of them at this scale but last Tuesday was definitely one for the personal history books.

This is MY FACE and the Bossy Cosmetics' logo on the big ole jumbo screen in TIMES F*&KING SQUARE NEW YORK CITY BAAAAAAABYYYYYY!!! 

I mean, let me tell you that I started this year off with the goal of launching a business that would reimagine the way the beauty industry targets, delights, and services ambitious working women. 

Twenty year old me is my target customer.  Super ambitious but lacking in wisdom and confidence. Do I really deserve my goals?

Thirty year old me is my target customer.  Still ambitious but trying to figure out how to get my personal life going.  I wanted to know how to have it all.  The husband, the babies, and a great job. Can I really have it all?

Forty year old me is my target customer.  Married with three kids and realizing that the career game is crazy rigged and it's not entirely based on a meritocratic system.  In fact, the hustle isn't making sense to me and I'm pissed off and ready to take things to the next level for myself and others around me.  Is this risk worth taking?

Though my face up in bright lights in the concrete jungle of Manhattan is a dream that I hadn't even had the gumption to have, once it happened, I asked myself: If "HE" (any man whose face has ever been up there for an IPO or major transaction) expected this for himself then WHY NOT ME?  I challenge you to ask yourself that question too. 

For 2020, we've got to dream BIGGER, BOLDER, AND CRAZIER.

This is exactly what I am going to do and I hope you'll join me!!

For a bit of context, I graduated from the Nasdaq's Milestone Makers Accelerator, hence all this hullabaloo.  I'll be doing another blog post soon on what the accelerator did for us.  If you're subscribed to our newsletter, you'll be notified.


Thanks for tuning in,

Aisha xx

You can catch my 90 second presentation about Bossy Cosmetics as well as see some photos below (I'm the first one up in the video) - Cosmetics Aishetu Dozie Nasdaq Presentation

Bossy Cosmetics Aishetu Dozie Nasdaq 

Bossy Cosmetics Aishetu Dozie Nasdaq

You can watch the Opening Bell Livestream here -

Bossy Cosmetics All Raise Aishetu Dozie Nasdaq

Aishetu Dozie Bossy Cosmetics Nasdaq All Raise

Bossy Cosmetics Aishetu Dozie Nasdaq 


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