Working from home #WFH

Working from home #WFH

Hey Bosses,

We're sending you all love in these scary times of Coronavirus/COVID-19.  We know it's hard.  We know we don't have all of the answers but we can remain calm and help to NOT spread the virus.  We've found CORONAVIRUS.GOV to be a very informative site to keep track of community resources, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you think you're sick.  Please check it out and WASH YOUR HANDS!

The team is socially distancing at home for the unforeseeable future as we still have a business to run.  No more in-person meetings or pop-ups until the world is a safer place.  While COVID-19 has severely impacted the global economy we still need to show up and work.  We have daily briefing calls as a team as well as with suppliers to keep track of current sales, new collections, and other pertinent issues on the horizon.  All of our meetings are now held via Zoom.

Just because we're #WFH doesn't mean that we don't have to "show up" so this week's "Style Tip" is focused on bold tops that you can wear on top of your pajama bottoms for your video conference calls!!!!

We'd also suggest a nice beret if you can't even be bothered to comb your hair, which happens often on our team.

Rosette is a particularly special gloss that we'd recommend this week.  It suits everyone with its orangey yet neutral subtle shimmer.  You can dab it on in a minute before the call starts and you'll look prepared and ready.  

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