Meet Neku Atawodi-Edun

Meet Neku Atawodi-Edun

In your own words, describe Neku and what makes her tick?

A dreamer who loves to truly live life. I love family, sport and making an impact. 

Your Wikipedia page describes you as a “polo player, equine sports scientist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor.”  Those are a lot of titles.  Can you talk to us about each of these roles that you play and which is most important to you?

The world is full of polymaths, and the ability to delve in different roles Is a skill needed for the globalised future the world is achieving.  I think it is important to have different interests, and invest varying degrees of passion in each. 

You’re married with a son.  Tell us about your non-working life. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not being a real boss?

It’s a blessing to watch a human grow, and pass on your humble knowledge. What an honour and a daily interesting journey it is to be a parent. 

Where did your passion for polo come from and how do you plan to keep it going in the midst of your other interests?

Growing up in the Northern part of Nigeria, where polo is engraved in the culture- I was bitten by the bug as a child. To manage different interests, one must properly assign each time and properly schedule your day. I try to do that- many days end up being a mad dash anyways! 

If you could give your 21 year old self advice, what would you tell her?  Are there any regrets that you care to share with our community?

Be patient. Everything in its own time.

What keeps you up at night?

The poverty in most parts of Africa leading to many bright young people with potential never getting opportunities. That total ‘luck of the draw’ worries me. 

We hear women talk a lot about imposter syndrome.  Is this something that you’ve ever dealt with and if yes, how do you navigate through those feelings? 

Show up everyday and keep learning. Eventually your acquired skills will demonstrate your worth! 

When you’re not feeling 100%, what do you do to lift your confidence levels? 

Going to ride always lifts my mood! 

Do you have hobbies?  Seems like your days are full and we’re wondering how you wind down

I love trying new things, so I’m always getting my hands stuck in some new skill. I love to cook and paint. I am really into abstract pieces right now. 

Do you consider yourself a feminist and why?

Equal rights for half the humans on the planet? Yes! And everyone should want that too! 

I know this is morbid but what would you like people to say about you in 80 years?  Can you describe that for us?

If you live thinking about what people think of you, you’re trapped in their prison! I want to have made a positive impact on the planet. 


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