Introducing Bossy Cosmetics' first Services Offer

February 09, 2020

Introducing Bossy Cosmetics' first Services Offer

When we launched Bossy Cosmetics on March 8th, 2019 - International Women's Day - we were determined to create a brand that is unique among the options of direct-to-consumer beauty companies in the world. 

We've always been clear about our mission, which is to Empower Women to Look, Feel, and Do GOOD and we began by living our mission through our long-wearing, deeply pigmented cruelty-free makeup products created for ambitious womxn and our financial support of global nonprofits that advocate for social change for women and girls. 

Hundreds of women bought into this mission of indulging in beauty while paying-it-forward by donating to our partner organizations (THANK YOU!!!).  As we kick off a new year and new decade, we do so with an incredible amount of excitement digging further into our mission.  We learned from our customers that picking makeup looks was simply one facet of their confidence building story.  YOU told us that in addition to caring about how you looked, you were equally focused on personal and career development.  

We heard the message and we're not leaving it to someone else to help you "level up."  We understand that igniting confidence in women is more than looks and we're excited to announce that we've partnered with wiseHer to help YOU accomplish your life and career goals by offering ONE free hour of career, life and/or business executive coaching services, from their pool of highly qualified professional experts, to our bossy customers that have spent over $50 with us.

WiseHer, founded by international keynote speaker and award-winning bestselling author, Kathryn Rose (above), connects you on-demand with top consultants, mentors, coaches and executives all ready to help you go farther, faster in your business or careers. 

Kathryn and I met while we were participating in the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center’s acclaimed Milestone Makers Program last year and I was struck by the mission of wiseHer to propel women further and faster.  It's exactly what I want for myself and I started talking to a sampling of customers and it turns out that many women are looking for avenues to either skill up or accelerate progress on the paths that they are on.




Over my 20+ year career as an entrepreneur and executive, I have frequently sought the services of professional and experienced coaches and/or experts. If you find someone with the requisite experience, the benefits can extend beyond work and into your personal life.  It can be empowering, instructive, and energizing.
We'll be sending emails out to our customers who qualify for this service and as you shop an average order value of $50 or over, you immediately become eligible to participate. Please click on EXPERTS to see wiseHer’s team of excellent experts available to YOU.

Thank you for inspiring women and girls in your community and for taking up space in the way that you do.  Together, we can build a legion of empowered women that are excited to build sustainable businesses, careers, families, and lives of our dreams.

Sincerely grateful, 






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