Launching the most accurate unbiased virtual makeup try-on in partnership with AlgoFace

Launching the most accurate unbiased virtual makeup try-on in partnership with AlgoFace

Hey Bosses,

The Team is incredibly excited to launch Bossy Beauty DNA with AlgoFace.  Take a look at the press release below.


Bossy Cosmetics x AlgoFace: Introducing Bossy Beauty DNA

The beauty industry is awash with an abundance of new brands — all committed to diversity and inclusivity. When one digs a little deeper, it becomes apparent that each brand has a unique perspective on this mission. This is why brands that prioritize inclusivity, such as Bossy Cosmetics, make great partners for AlgoFace to help make their products as accessible as possible.

As an inclusive, direct-to-consumer brand, the team at Bossy Cosmetics knew that it would be imperative to use AI technology that celebrates beauty standards as diverse as their customer base. AlgoFace created a bespoke makeup try-on experience for Bossy Cosmetics called Bossy Beauty DNA that gives shoppers the ability to virtually wear their makeup, using either photos of themselves or via a live webcam. While other makeup brands have used this kind of tech in the past with disappointing results, AlgoFace’s launch was successful because its unbiased AI was able to meet the needs of a brand with a heterogeneous customer base.

Bossy Cosmetics was created for busy and ambitious working women. Bossy Beauty DNA empowers these women to shop for makeup while on the go, confident in the knowledge that they’re getting accurate results. When the founder, Aishetu Fatima Dozie, was looking for an AI partner for her brand’s virtual makeup try-on, she was immediately drawn to AlgoFace’s CMO, Atima Lui, and her passion for bringing inclusivity to the beauty and tech industries.

Aishetu says, “I can see AlgoFace cares about accuracy and inclusivity. Both are paramount because how can the customer trust you if they ‘experienced’ your product online in one way and then in real life it’s not the same at all? Trust is a critical tool in business and we want our customers to trust their shopping and usage experience at all times so that they also become our advocates. I love that AlgoFace lives for this level of truth in the virtual reality space.”

One of the first issues Dozie raised to AlgoFace concerned the nuance in lipstick colors and how that would be reflected based on differences in skin tone. The time and effort Atima and her team put into understanding these issues made it clear to Dozie that they were aligned in what they wanted to accomplish.

Dozie states, “I live and breathe diversity and inclusion. Everything we do is with this in mind. The team is diverse. The makeup is inclusive. The partners that we work with are diverse. I can’t speak for what other brands are doing but we live and dream about the working woman and how she deals with leveling up in her life.”

Customers who experience Bossy Beauty DNA will be able to use a split screen slider that allows them to see what they look like with and without makeup, an opacity slider to try on makeup at different intensities, the ability to link to the product page directly from the try on page, and more. AlgoFace provided a fully customized experience for Bossy Cosmetics, creating features that didn’t previously exist for Makeup AR-tist, including lip liner and glitter finishing for the Lip-Eye-Cheek areas.

AlgoFace utilized facial landmark tracking instead of facial recognition tech to create Bossy Beauty DNA. AlgoFace is committed to protecting customers’ privacy, doesn’t collect user data, and is GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act Compliant. The company’s Human Rights Policy highlights the importance of respecting individual identity and privacy, so that customers and brands like Bossy Cosmetics can rest assured that they have access to the highest quality product without compromising themselves in any way.

The partnership between AlgoFace and Bossy Cosmetics is a prime example of how like-minded brands can work together to not only create products that are effective, but that can uplift and empower their customers. This joint endeavor sets a standard in the industry and pushes it forward to a truly inclusive reality.



About Bossy Cosmetics 

Bossy Cosmetics’ goal is to ignite confidence in ambitious working women through cruelty-free cosmetics, topical content, and essential services. Being a mission-driven company is an integral part of our DNA by selling and making gorgeous, ethically-made color cosmetics for people of all hues and partnering with non-profit organizations that actively promote social change for women and girls around the world. 

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About AlgoFace 

AlgoFace is a diverse team of passionate innovators with deep rooted knowledge in computer vision, augmented reality and applied artificial intelligence applications for the enterprise. We are exclusively committed to developing and deploying AI-AR technology for human faces that will power the next generation of consumer experiences.

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